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Lac Seul First Nation Land Code

What is a Land Code?

The land code is a land law specific to LSFN and will replace the 44 land management provisions of the Indian Act.

The land code and its contents will be drafted by Lac Seul First Nation and its membership and will make provisions for the following matters:

  • Identifying the reserve lands to be managed.

  • Develop general rules and procedures for the use and occupation of these lands by members and others.

  • The making and publishing of Lac Seul land laws.

The land code provides increased protection for reserve land and resources.

What is an Individual Agreement?

Negotiated between the First Nation and Canada to deal with such matters as:

  • Reserve lands to be managed

  • Specifics of the transfer of the administration of land from Canada to the First Nation

  • Transfer of revenue and capital monies

  • An interim environmental assessment process

  • Funding

What is the Community Ratification Process?

The procedure for the community ratification process is developed by the community in accordance with the Framework Agreement

  • Every eligible voter 18 yrs.+ as of last voting day must have the opportunity to freely vote

  • Inclusive of On-Reserve and Off-Reserve Voters

  • In-person Polling Stations; or

  • Mail-in or electronic voting.

Download the Draft LSFN Land Code:

Summary of the LSFN Draft Land Code:

Summary of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management

Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management:


 Individual Agreement and Summary:

Community Ratification Process (CRP) and Summary:

Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management Act (FAFNLMA)


Lac Seul First Nation Maps

View the Frequently Asked Questions about the Land Code Process:



First Issue: LSFN Land Code Newsletter. Released in October 2019



First LSFN Land Code Brochure: Released in October 2019

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