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News & Events


  • Land Code Video Project Filming - January 11 to the 15th, 2021 by MJ Interactive


  • Community Engagement Session – January 28 at the Kejick Bay Access Centre from 5pm to 7pm

  • Community Engagement Session – January 30, 2020 at the Lac Seul Events Centre from 10am to 12pm


  • Land Code Committee Development Sessions, January 28 & 29, 2020 Lac Seul Events Centre


Recent News & Postings 

April 27 2021 Lac Seul Land Code draft.j

April 27, 2021

April 2020 LSFN Land Code Draft

Please take a moment to review the newest LSFN Land Code Draft

Lac Seul - LC at a glance (1).jpg

November 6, 2019

LSFN Land Code

at a Glance

Land Code timelines and the top reasons why over 200 First Nations across Canada are involved with land code.

FB video LSFN.png

August 20, 2020

LSFN Land Code Video

Please watch our new LSFN Land Code information video

LAND CODE BROCHURE 10.2019_Page_1.jpg

November 5, 2019

LSFN Land Code Brochure

Lots of quick facts, answers to your top questions and more...


August 18, 2020

LSFN Land Code Update Brochure

Please take a moment to read over this updated brochure on the LSFN Land Code.

First Issue. Land Code LSFN. Newsletter.

November 1, 2019

First Issue of LSFN Land Code Newsletter

Check out our 1st edition, with lots of information about the LSFN Land Code, the importance of LSFN Membership participation in this process and more!

Background photo by Bobby Binguis Photography

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