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Lac Seul First Nation is pursuing the governance of our own lands through the approval of our community developed land code.

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Three communities rich in culture and shaped by the hands of our ancestors.

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Welcome to the
Lac Seul First Nation
Land Code development website

Lac Seul is currently developing a land code in an effort to transfer land management jurisdiction from the federal government to our community members and First Nation as a whole.

Lac Seul First Nation entered as a signatory into the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management in April 2019. This Framework Agreement provides First Nations with the option to govern their reserve lands and resources under their own land codes, free from constraints imposed by the federal government and Indian Act. The option to govern reserve lands and operate outside the Indian Act can only be achieved with the consent of Lac Seul band members by means of a ratification vote.

A Land Code:

  • IS CREATED by a First Nation

  • REPLACES the land management sections of the Indian Act

  • REMOVES the Government of Canada from reserve land management

  • DOES NOT impact Indian Act Tax Exemption

  • DOES NOT impact reserve status of land

  • PROTECTS our lands from expropriation

A Land Code can:

  • PROTECT Cultural Heritage

  • PROTECT our land base

  • PROVIDE more funding opportunities

  • SUPPORT economic development

  • CREATE the opportunity for more business

  • ENFORCE land laws on reserve

Our latest documents

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Learn more about Land Code

A First Nation signatory to the Framework Agreement exercises its land management option by creating its own land code, drafting a community ratification process and entering into an Individual Agreement with Canada. LSFN’s Land Code is in draft form and is now available for community input and feedback. Further revisions will be expected with additional drafts at a later date. It is essential for band members to make informed decisions regarding the

First Nation Land Management Land Code process.


Upcoming Land Code Meeting on ...

Community Meetings...

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Please update your contact information for the Community Ratification Process (CRP) so that you can receive updates on the LSFN Land Code and vote as we move along in this process.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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